About KLD

Hey Everybody my name is Andrew Pinkham and recently I have noticed a growing trend in the Superman podcast universe covering all aspects of his character from his golden age stories all the way to whats being covered in Modern Comics today.

However I have noticed there arent any podcasts that have looked at the character of Supergirl in any form or fashion and I think there should be a podcast dedicated to her and her character so thus Krypton’s Last Daughter: A Supergirl Podcast was born.

Over the past few months I have loved doing this show and in order to help me grow my good friend Danny Saab has asked me to be a part of supergirlhomepage.net and I couldnt refuse. So that is why KLD has moved to supergirlhomepage.net.

Kryptons last daughter is a monthly program looking at the character of supergirl spaning two different era’s of her character from her first appearance in action comics to her 2005 through 2011 run.

We also will be featuring a new podcast called Powergirl: Earth 2′s Last Daughter where Danny and I will be looking at the 2009 run of Powergirl and the 2007 run of JSA.

Feel free to tell us what you think of the show either by leaving comments here at the site or e-mailing us by writing to supergirlpodcast@gmail.com we welcome all feedback, good, bad or ugly.


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