Welcome to the New Krypton’s Last Daughter

Hey everybody I just wanted to welcome you to my new website for my supergirl podcast called Krypton’s Last Daughter: a Supergirl Podcast KLD for short. If you have found me here your probably wondering to yourself weren’t you a part of the Supergirl Hompepage? The short answer to that question is yes I was. Let me explain first why I left.  Over the last couple of months the current supergirl title I have not been enjoying at all period the writing has been terrible and I am just not enjoying the Supergirl book and I really wanted to get KLD back on its feet.   Mostly because it’s the show I have neglected the most over the past few months.  So therefore KLD will be a priority for me again as it was meant to when I first started this show. And powergirl earth 2’s last daughter will be a feature on a semi regular basis when I can get episodes of that show out. So I say all that to say Welcome to KLD and for all those who are new to the show and to those who have checked me out before I say Welcome Back to KLD I hope you stick around for the long haul cause we have some great books to discuss. You can email in to the show to discuss anything related to the 2005 or silver age version of supergirl at supergirlpodcast@gmail.com and you can also check me out on facebook here and on twitter @kldpodcast.


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